Born on June 20th 1991, Celine had a terrible horse-riding accident in 2008. Suffering from serious brain injury, she became visually impaired and partially tetraplegic (she still has coordination and balance difficulties today).

Having ridden horses again, having had numerous successful results including a 13th place at the Rio 2012 Paralympic Games, she decided to get into athletics. « I needed a new challenge and achieve what was still impossible for me: running ! »

After having taken part in some popular races (5 to 20 kilometers), she turned to the 100 and 200 meters! Wishing to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics (postponed to 2021), Celine’s only option was to sprint.

She joined the Swiss national team in 2019, and “Team Genève” in 2019. We have been supporting her since 2018.